Welcome to the Infernal Blaze Community Website
We are a multigaming community centered around the top games on Steam
such as DOTA 2, Rocket Leage and more. Our commununity is made up of many unique people from all different places and background. Some of us are here just for the fun of being in a community, some of us are here to compete both with and against fellow community members, and others are here to volunteer and be a part of one of the greatest online gaming communities.

The major component in Infernal Blaze is gaming. It is what our core is made of. In this community you will always find someone to game with.

The second major component to Infernal Blaze is being a social community. The community uses many tools to keep users connected such as a socially orientated website, Steam, Discord and In-Game methods. You will never be without your community members

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  • img DOTA 2
  • img Rocket League [PC]
  • img Team Fortress 2
  • img WarFrame [PC]