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About Us

What is the Infernal Blaze? It is the beacon in the night that will not extinguish regardless of time or weather? Like that beacon, the Infernal Blaze Clan is a gaming community that has not extinguished since 2006 when a few friends joined together to create a gaming community based not on skill, but on fair and fun play. Our leadership is experienced and helpful to create a friendly and stable clan that anyone can join and feel welcomed. Want to play something different? Try one of the games supported by our community; Halo, WarGaming, Tribes or Planetside 2. Feel like chatting or just hanging out, then join our Teamspeak 3 or Ventrilo servers. You"ll never find yourself without someone to play with here.

Want to be part of something great? Help us become greater by adding your flame to our Infernal Blaze!

Honourable Quotes

Causing Havoc Since 2006!

Infernal Blaze Gaming Clan

We Do Not Make Gamers. We Make Better Gamers!

Infernal Blaze Gaming Clan

A Community is only as active as its members.


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