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What is the Infernal Blaze? It is the beacon in the night that will not extinguish regardless of time or weather? Like that beacon, the Infernal Blaze Clan is a gaming community that has not extinguished since 2006 when a few friends joined together to create a gaming community based not on skill, but on fair and fun play. Our leadership is experienced and helpful to create a friendly and stable clan that anyone can join and feel welcomed. Want to play something different? Try one of the games supported by our community; Halo, World of Tanks, Tribes: Ascend, or Minecraft. Feel like chatting or just hanging out, then join our Teamspeak 3 or Ventrilo servers. You"ll never find yourself without someone to play with here.

Want to be part of something great? Help us become greater by adding your flame to our Infernal Blaze!

Official Clan News Feed

Assistant HDMOD

I have some great news. Everybody, please congratulate {IB}Orbit on his new position of Assistant Halo Division Moderator. Orbit is now the second-in-command of the Halo Division, and will be assisting with the running of the division. In the event that I go On Leave, he will then become the first-in-command until I return. This position is a very big responsibility within the Division, but based on Orbit's application as well as the references from others both within {IB} and other communities, I have no doubt that he will fill the position very well. Congratulations, Orbit. It's a fun and rewarding position... but also keep in mind that it is a lot of work, and again, responsibility. The leadership and I believe that you will do a great job. I would like to remind the others within the Halo Division that we still have other positions open as well. The Director of Recruitment, Director of Activity, and Director of Engagement are all still open... if you wish to apply for any of those, please don't hesitate to contact me. Once again, congratulations, Orbit. {IB}MyHogs Halo Division Moderator [color=#FF0000:3i24qpyo][i:3i24qpyo]Moved to Clan News. -Reach[/i:3i24qpyo][/color:3i24qpyo]

New App System

It has taken some hard work to get us here, but we have successfully coded an application page that sends the applications DIRECTLY to the forums! Now applications should be processed even faster as we are instantly notified when you post your application to the forums. Thank you vortex for helping me out on this one.

New Positions

After looking at all of the candidates, we have come to a collective decision that out of all the people that applied for the position we have decided to do with MyHogs for the Halo Division MOD position. For the candidates that applied to join but didn't get the opportunity to be Division Mod, you CAN however become an Assistant MOD. Chat with MyHogs about wanting to become his Assistant MOD. Also, we are going to do something a bit radical, but hear us out. We are going to PROMOTE ThatGuy to Full Moderator. And here is the reason why: We are in need of someone who will be strictly over applications. Since ThatGuy cannot play Video Games due to his current situation in life, and he wants to do more for the clan, we are giving the position to him. HOWEVER, this is where things get a bit tricky. IF ThatGuy doesn't perform to the standards that he needs to be as a FULL Mod and Application Manager, we will give the position and rank to Blazer, who is also wanting to do more within the clan. Hopefully we have made the right decisions in promoting these people into the positions that we have just promoted them in. Congratulations MyHogs and ThatGuy. Don't screw it up.

Introducting Awards!

For the first time ever in the rebirth of Infernal Blaze, we are introducing an awards system! This system will be divided up into 3 categories: - Clan Wide - Tier Based - Division Wide (All awards are subject to change at any time) Please check out (Page not up yet) for more info on what awards mean and how to get them. We will be having nominations for clan awards in our members lounge! So, members, please head on down to the Members Lounge to cast your vote! Voting begins on July 3rd, 2014 12am CDT

Rank Name Change

The current name of M.I.T or Moderator In-Training has been changed to Junior Moderator. Permissions are still the same. It was brought up in a topic in the Moderators lounge that M.I.T was too clunky and needed to be re-named. PS: Also, look at them sexy rank images.

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