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What is the Infernal Blaze? It is the beacon in the night that will not extinguish regardless of time or weather? Like that beacon, the Infernal Blaze Clan is a gaming community that has not extinguished since 2006 when a few friends joined together to create a gaming community based not on skill, but on fair and fun play. Our leadership is experienced and helpful to create a friendly and stable clan that anyone can join and feel welcomed. Want to play something different? Try one of the games supported by our community; Halo, Star Conflict, Tribes: Ascend, or MineCraft. Feel like chatting or just hanging out, then join our TeamSpeak 3 Server. You'll never find yourself without someone to play with here.

Want to be part of something great? Help us become greater by adding your flame to our Infernal Blaze!

Official Clan News Feed

The Prophecy has been Fulfilled

[size=200:1rpn8sso]In light of recent events some major changes have been implemented. I will list the recent changes.[/size:1rpn8sso] [size=150:1rpn8sso][u:1rpn8sso]New Division[/u:1rpn8sso][/size:1rpn8sso] World of Warcraft has been implemented on a trial bases on request from Lich & Sorrow. Congratz on the new division. Contract: [size=150:1rpn8sso][u:1rpn8sso]New Promotions[/u:1rpn8sso][/size:1rpn8sso] Wess --> [color=#0040FF:1rpn8sso]Moderator[/color:1rpn8sso] Lich --> [color=#008080:1rpn8sso]Jr. Moderator[/color:1rpn8sso] Sorrow --> [color=#008080:1rpn8sso]Jr. Moderator[/color:1rpn8sso] Fusion --> [color=#008000:1rpn8sso]Veteran[/color:1rpn8sso] Lego893 -->[color=#008000:1rpn8sso] Veteran[/color:1rpn8sso] Congratz to all the members that have been promoted. In other news. Reach has gone on leave and has handed over responsibility of Internal Affairs to me. If anyone has any issues regarding problems within the community, they can come talk to me about it.

Minecraft Assistant Division Moderator

I think you'll all be happy that this man got the job. Congratulations to.. {IB}Wess! For achieving the role as my assistant. No smartass comments down below. They will be deleted.

September Member of the Month!

Well, our members have voted who should be member of the Month for September. Coming out on top by one vote among the competition was MyHogs! Welcome and congratulations of being the First Member of the Month. Now, MyHogs, after this month is up will not be allowed back into the voting for up to 3 months. This is to ensure people do not pick the same person over and over again.

Lightning strikes twice!

In an incredible turn of events, it seems that ANOTHER promotion has occured! This member is being promoted due to his incredible leadership skills and devotion to the clan. Ladies and Gentlegamers, please congratulate our new MODERATOR, ‹IB›Blazer! :D

The stars have aligned...

After hundreds of hours of talking, debating, arguing, fighting, drinking to forget about it, and then repeating the whole process over again, we have decided to finally promote a member who has dedicated and sacrificed much of his time and resources to making sure that the clan is able to carry on, even during our lowest of lows- His leadership is nigh unmatched, and his innovation unfathomable; he is without a doubt one of the greatest leaders of all tim- Okay, y'all get the gist of it. Please congratulate our new admin, «IB»Vortex1409!

Member of the Month


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Donate to the Infernal Blaze Gaming Community today! All donations we receive will help cover server and website costs that the clan has. We are non-profit.

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